Knitting russet

I started knitting for a slightly absurd reason, and admittedly with low expectations, but boy was I wrong! I couldn’t possibly imagine the world of complexity in knitting.

You could think of it as a geometric (which I’m fascinated by) and mathematical (which I’m unfortunately not very good at) model.


In knitting, you are at the same time weaving and pattern-making, you create a fully shaped fabric with one continuous piece of string. The fact that it is most often used to cover the complex human form in the form of garments, and the infinite possibilities of shape and surface decoration, have to make it one of the most rewarding activities with which to occupy your hands. It’s also clean and portable, requiring a very modest tool and space investment (none of my other interests fulfill these requirements). And… yarn! Yarn can end up requiring a space investment, but this is madness ;)


I’ll stop rhapsodising and focus on my personal knitting experience. It’s a short one :) I started knitting in March 2009, I bought a couple of books, some shitty needles and yarn, and got at it. If you’re gonna do this, please do not get shitty needles and yarn ;)

After a short while (december 2010) I started writing my own patterns. I sell them in Ravelry, Patternfish and Craftsy.

grand place
Grand Place

I haven’t published any (or knitted much) in a while due to the House Project. Renovation is hard on my joints and I cannot do both at the same time. But I’ll get back to it eventually.

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