Expos in London

We spent a few days in London, we went to see temporary expos in the British Museum: Celts, in which I have a personal interest and which was most excellent, and the Drawing in silver and gold (metailpoint), this was also amazing to see up close, it is very difficult to reproduce these well, sadly the catalog was terrible and I did not buy it – I have no photos of this expo, and it would have been impossible to capture the details anyway.

We also went to the Science Museum where we visited two more temporary exhibitions: Julia Margaret Cameron (no photos) and Churchill’s Scientists. And we also visited the Kew gardens (which I loved!).

I’ll post a few pictures of enamelled pieces or interesting details in jewellery and metalwork. These are from the Celts exhibition:


And some enamelled watches, keys and fobs from the watch collection at the Science Museum:

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