Pim is at a company trip this weekend, so I am home alone. I have spent the entire day in the workshop.

Yesterday when I got home from work, I rearranged my two desks, crappy tables really, I changed their placement and what I use them for. Now I have light from the widow coming from the left (I’m right handed), and I am using again the taller desk, which is more comfortable. I had one desk for enamelling and the other for metalworking etc, but in the end due to the arrangement I unded up using only the big desk, which is lower.

Can I rant… anyway. It is a bit better organised now and more comfortable, though I cannot wait to get a real jeweler’s bench. My setup is far from acceptable, but a change now and then brings some temporary sense of improvement.

Today I finished an enamel I started dog knows when. I really can’t remember. My sketch book is dated 2008-2009. I had worked on it on and off, and the painted enamel background I finished some months ago. Today I finished it with the on glaze painting, and for the rest of the day I have been working on the setting. It is almost finished. Man, I feel broken, I am so tired. I really should stop and continue tomorrow. I must have been working for at least 12 hours.

If I would have to work 12 hours at my job I would want to die.

I am tired, but I feel great. I guess I don’t do this every Saturday not to be (more) antisocial.

This enamel was quite challenging. It is just a very difficult thing to paint realistically, I think, fire. Fire at night, with lots of smoke. I really wonder if anyone is gonna be able to see anything else than an abstract blob, though, lol. I’ve been looking at it so long that probably my view is completely distorted.

I also have been struggling with the beads to use for this one. As per my design, one set of beads is unchanged and I think fits great, black volcanic rock. The problem is the accent stone. I got some orange glass beads and they turned out to be day-glo. I fired them in the kiln and they improved a lot, but still, thankfully, there is just no enamel that could approach such tacky tone.

I have some cornalines that come close to the enamel tones, but they seem just a tad too brown. They should be a tad more orange or reddish than the enamel. There is no natural stone with such a colour, though. Oh. Fire opals. Haha!

I also have yellow calcite that approaches the brightest spots. But I did not want the stones to be yellow, at all. Blah!

… ok, I just bought these ;P won’t be finished in a week or two, then…

No pictures. This is so unlike me. But it is too dark anyway. Tomorrow.

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