Two pieces

This one I never posted about. A pendant that Pim made, a fuchsia flower, with some help from me, for his mom’s birthday:

Enamel over fine silver, sterling silver.

And this is #3, finished:


On glaze paint over enamel over copper, sterling silver, quartz, coral and lace.

More pics here.

12 thoughts on “Two pieces

  1. wow…

    I find the jewelry making that you do to be so totally amazing. I used to do jewelry making myself, even doing gemstone cutting and polishing, but may hands no longer have the dexterity to do it any more as my fingers tremble from arthritis.

    I have followed your journal for a while now and every time I see that there is a post from you I get excited to see what you have created.

    My wife is so totally in love with what you create too and hen funds allow i would lov to be able to buy a piece to give to her.

    (on an unrelated note, my ife has seen your fingernails in some of your posts when you are holding your work or in some of te working shots and she told me to tell yo she has nail envy and is amazed ypu can do such intricate work with long nails.)

    the troll (a nickname due to physical appearance, I am not a journal troll or anything like that)

    Lawrence Cottam

  2. The fuschia flower is lovely! Pim is also talented, I see.

    I’m in love with the other piece. It’s my fave out of all the pieces I’ve seen so far. There’s something so hauntingly lovely, mysterious and feminine about it. You’ve truly outdone yourself on that one.

    OK, I’ll stop gushing now. ;)

  3. Wow, it’s a very beautiful and unusual work of art. The woman makes me think of the Ligeia character from Edgard Poe. I’m a bit puzzled by the lace I must confess, I guess, because I’m not used to it, and I am surprised, out of references. :) That’s great Mer, you go beyond people’s expectations. :)

    1. Hehe, thanks, well, the lace didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted it to I guess, it’s not airy enough. It is in reference to her stained nightgown, but the enamel is so tiny this is hard to see.

      I am sure Poe and all the deaths by tuberculosis that surrounded him during his life has been at the back of my mind when doing this series, indeed.

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