10 thoughts on “Spell of Destruction

  1. Hello, came over from Pitufina’s journal. :)

    Just thought I’d let you know, the alba corset she made you inspired me to get the same one for my wedding day (with a few minor adjustments). And by pure coincidence we’re both called Mer! (We even have similar measurements apparently).

    Cool, but a little freaky. :D

    Love your jewelry by the way.

    1. Hello! funny because I actually got mine done after I fell in love with the same one she made for tina_imel, for her wedding (I see now she deleted he old account, new is tinaimel, so the pictures must be gone now).
      At least I didn’t get married in it… yet ;D that would be too much coincidence. lol.

      Thank you! and enjoy your corset, pitufina’s work is amazing.

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