7 thoughts on “Some more

  1. Wow- gorgeous!

    By the way, my main student is a HUGE fan of your site- she loves your work and is very inspired by your videos. (As am I!) Thought you’d like to hear that.

    Is the back of that pendant enamel? and if so, how on earth did you get that charcoal texture??? (As long as it’s not a trade secret, of course.)

    1. Thank you!

      I am very glad to hear :)

      No it isn’t, looks like charcoal, because it is charcoal, hehe. I charred beech wood on the surface (the back is still structurally sound) with the torch. It has a thin layer of varnish over it (didn´t want to make it too shiny) so it doesn’t stain.

      You can get a sort of similar effect with enamel, a very thick layer that cracks in a short fire. With a lot of luck, heh.

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