New website is up, first video as well

So here it is, at last:

Click to visit.

Featuring a nice browsing system for the gallery, and a video section that I plan to be updating often.

Thanks to Pim for making this possible, by creating the backbone of the website.

And I have started a Blogger blog which is embedded in the website,

which can be followed through Blogger if you have one, and also here in LJ

through syndication. In this blog I will only post about new videos and single posts about new finished pieces,

so I will try that there is a minimum of overlap between it and this journal.

And here comes the first video for the website:

Enamelling: wetpacking a copper base from Mer Almagro on Vimeo.

Process: wetpacking a copper base, first layer.

Here I am applying tragacanth gum to the back, wetpacking a gradient of greys, and the first layer of white enamel to the front of a shaped copper.

To watch in HD, click on the title text link under the video to go directly to the website, and the video will play

HD automatically. Additionally, if you want full screen resolution, click on the bottom right arrows icon. Escape key will take you out of full screen.

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