Works in progress

Today I worked, maybe finished two enamels.

First this vitrifiable paint:

Guess who that is? Oedipus arm… and his eye on the floor!! xD

And then I drew on a base with pencil:

On to progress pictures. This is my reference picture, my partner’s arm.

To achieve a soft shading wit black only I had to “paint” mainly with a needle.

After this I fired this layer.

Oops, blurry.


Base is lapidated with a fine stone to have a matte surface where drawing with pencil is possible.

I lost shading and volume in deepening the eye, but this is a portrait after all.

I lost a lot of intensity with the fire too. But I have to make tests, see if it is possible to fire another layer on top without losing the first layer to the fire.

15 thoughts on “Works in progress

  1. Hello and wow.

    Hi there. I found you off a couple of people’s journals we both visit and or are friends of. I like to add those i find interesting or intriguing or whose work or life inspires me in some way or whose work I just like. (that is a mouthful eh?)

    I just wanted to say I totally love the work that you create. The level of detail you put into each piece is incredible and ever piece I have seen of yours is breath taking.

    I have shown your work to my wife and she echoes these sentiments. (and when funds allow it, i hope to tag some of your pieces for her as your beautiful work will highlight her beauty perfectly I believe)

    So basically I just wanted to say ‘hello’ and to offer up a collective ‘wow’ for all the work I have seen thus far and for these pieces as well.

    My wife also charged me with the task of saying she is envious of your nails and the style of shaping you wear them and she loves the colours you wear and is jealous of the fact you do the work you do and they survive it.

    Phew, that was alot.

    When I saw the eye, it made me think of the logo they use for Big Brother over here (in Australia) though the show has died here.

    Your work has given ideas for jewel workers for some of my fantasy writting work including one who shapes pieces from the polished bones of fallen heroes and demi gods.

    You also make me envious as I used to do lapidary(sp) and miss the cutting and polishing and setting of gems and precious metals (arthritis makes my hands too shaky these days)

    okies, done taking over your journal with my rambling.

    thankye for sharing of your work with the world.

    the troll (a nickname earned from physical appearance only. i am not a journal troller or anything like that.)

    Lawrence Cottam

    1. Re: Hello and wow.

      Well, thank you very much for your all your compliments, much appreciated.
      I am always glad when people like my work and feel inspired by it.

      Glad to know you are not that sort of troll either ;P

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