Trying out beads (part II)

More on this.

Yesterday I received some beads and findings. I got vermeil findings for the Greek Vases project. Gold is out of the question so I decided to work with sterling silver and then get it gold plated. I got some vermeil (same thing) findings that I think have a granulation, greco-roman feel to them: a clasp, several headpins, earwires and a few rondelles:

I changed a bit the sequence of beads now that I incorporated the rondelles. The necklace will have to be somewhat longer.

The grey moonstones have very narrow holes and won’t go through the headpins. I also bought ochre heavyweight nylon cord (the aragonites are heavy and have quite big holes), which I don’t know if it will go through them either… I probably won’t go with my usual Japanese bead knotting (I tie each bead individually threading two cords through each bead) because I don’t think it goes with this style and would give problems with the different size of the holes (the smallest aragonite has the biggest holes, go figure). Plus two threads definitely won’t go through the moonstones.

About the headpins, I don’t know what I will do. I really don’t like them being only aragonites, so I guess I will have to enlarge every single bead hole since I much prefer the moonstones as dangles as this:

Not sure about the earwires I got. I am not convinced, and I was also thinking of making the earrings myself, and to make them thick. I have a couple of enlarged (3mm) earlobe holes, and I could make something such as this as earwire:

(This is roman, but who cares ;PPP)

The entire thing would make the earrings quite long, though, which worries me since my neck is short and they will end up resting on my shoulders…

I also got these coral and pearl beads and the silver clasp for a comission. I normally do not take comissions but this one is for a friend. A necklace she will wear to her wedding:

The pearl in the clasp turns out to be more bluish than the other pearls so it will have to be surrounded by coral.

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        1. Ah… but yes, I found this series to be extremely historically accurate when it comes to wardrobe, jewellery and all other props. Best I have seen so far in this department.
          I am not exactly an expert, but I have studied this in school.

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