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I just got notice that my entry for the enamelists society exhibition (this one) was not accepted. I am ok with that, what kind of itches me is that there was a participation fee, of 30€, and this money they keep to… keep. I was wondering if they just took everyone’s money or only the money from the accepted entries. They charged my card almost immediately, so, well, they take everyone’s money.

I am just used to how things work in Europe, I guess, where almost everything is subsidized, including agriculture, and you already pay enough money for other people’s endeavors through your taxes.

As Pim said, it is the US… there you have to pay for everything. I guess so.

Well… to Etsy it goes ;P

9 thoughts on “Not in

  1. I;m so sorry you didn’t get in- it’s a gorgeous piece!

    And yeah, the trend seems to be to keep everyone’s jurying fees, for anything juried. It really sucks. That’s one of the reasons Lark makes such a point out of NOT having jurying fees for their books, I think.

      1. There’s been some question with some craft shows, etc. about whether the organizers are mostly just in it for the jurying fees. It’s a big issue- even when they do (supposedly) return the fees- they still have the artisan’s money for up to a YEAR. And often they are a lot better abotu cashing checks than writing them, which means extra hassle…

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