Mist II

For a set of earrings, ring and necklace. Further exploring this idea. Now the previous piece seems so primitive :p

The candidate stones are grey moonstones and blue lace agates (not dyed). And black glass.

Transparent grey enamels over opal enamel over copper.

Alternating layers of grey opal, white opal and black vitrifiable pigment (on glaze paints).

It is difficult to show the layered effect on a picture.

29 thoughts on “Mist II

  1. I just love that you show the process photos. It is so neat!

    Too bad I was not around until now to comment, because now I am not first to say Want! :( (I really do.)
    For me those stones with it are perfection. The trees are incredible, so desolate, especially with the bits of branches only on the two.

    1. Don’t worry, I will make more (possibly a lot more) of this series, I really enjoy making it.
      The first one I consider more of a test, and not completely successful, but since people liked it perhaps I may set it. But I tend to get attached to the first piece of a series, so I may keep this one for myself ;P

      We’ll see. And another thing to have into account, is that most people step back once they hear the price (and surely you know what I am talking about ;)), they do not realise the hours and cost of materials put in it, not to mention your experience…

      1. I don’t really know how you can let go of any really. When I used to paint, for example, I had too hard a time with that :P

        While I am not certain of your prices for a very complex piece with many enameled parts besides beading too I do expect it far into the hundreds. I doubt I realise quite how much work goes into all of that, but starting with just the colour samples and all, well I think I start to imagine.
        Since I first saw what you do I have been hoping I can keep aside enough in case a perfect piece showed up :P

        In any case I wanted you to know how much I liked this.

        1. Well I also want to let you know that I really appreciate when someone gives some thought to how much work can go into handcrafted stuff of the sort. As I said I thought you might because you sew, and you do it with attention to detail.

          By the way, I’ve also been meaning to ask you :P I saw you mentioning that you sometimes sell stuff on Ebay, but I never saw any link. A trade might also be a possibility, I really like the stuff you sew.

          1. well, I appreciate that you know I spend a lot of time on my sewing :P

            With eBay I figured not to spam my friends, lol. Lately I hardly get around to listing anyway, but that will be changing I hope.
            I am flattered that you like my stuff so well, and a trade would be very nice perhaps. I should show you what I have in my head for early thirties type dresses, since you like those as much as me, eh?

            1. I certainly do (both the time it takes to sew and the 30’s dresses, lol). But perhaps if we trade we should stablish a range so that it isn’t unfair for anyone.

              Would you mind to share your link with me? ;)

              1. Of course (range.)

                I don’t have a link :/ Anything on my feedback are a few things from my closet or whatever since it has been so long. My username is alba!bcn though. (I have been toying with Esty, but am not there yet at all… probably should be though since eBay sucks.)

                If you want to see stuff I’ll figure something out, but not just at this moment? I have a lot of catching up I wanted to do online since I just came home, and I have so major soul searching planned for today too. I hope you don’t mind :flower:

                1. Yes, what I said yesterday, I repeat, Ebay sucks for anything you put any effort into, Etsy is so much better for your work. It is always difficult to sell of course, like everywhere, but at least most of the people there appreciate it.

                  Oh, yes of course, no hurry at all. You now I also don’t have as much time as I would like to dedicate to all of this…
                  Good luck with the soul-searching.

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