And I finished what I wanted to finish! the setting and necklace for the Givrer piece, that I want to submit for a juried exhibition:

Excuse the crappy picture, there is just no light at the moment. I’ll try and take better pictures tomorrow.

Now this is the first setting I have made in this my second dawn of jewellery making that I consider to be decent ;P working with sterling and three (!) kinds of solder now feels like heaven ;P

9 thoughts on “Givrer

  1. You know, I always love your work and whatever you’re willing to share and am always jealous envious of your talent and knowledge, but…


    1. I hope you realize Mer is a TOTALLY UNNATURAL METALSMITH with beautiful hands and nails like that. MOST of us have next to no nails and our fingers are beaten up, too. *fingernail envy- not so much for the look, but nails are so USEFUL!*

      1. I don’t know if my nails would survive more intensive metelsmithing than they get now, but they are still pretty hard and useful indeed, especially to get the emery paper into pesky corners, hehee. I love my wooden hand clamp though, long nails have obvious disadvantages when it comes to gripping stuff firmly.

  2. Stunning result! And fabulous process photos!

    I, too, really love working in silver- gold’s nice, too, and some of the solders are pleasant to use- but I’ve been doing silver for so long that it’s just second nature these days, and I think the silver solders have EXCELLENT flow properties (except for IT and eutectic).

    1. Thanks! I tried that idea I had of soldering square wire to thin sheet to make a lightweight setting… works great, although I used 0.5 sheet and now I think 0.4 would be better, but alas my provider doesn’t carry 0.4. I got also 0.3 and I’ll try it, but I think it will be too thin.

      I’ll have to get a rolling mill one of these days.

      After working for a bit with the one golden silver solder and copper and brass… working with silver and thee hardnesses of solder was really heavenly!

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