Haven’t been enamelling for a long time, so today I cleaned up and organized the workshop a bit, and enamelled this piece:

Ebony and glass beads, old watch dial and watch glass, enamel.

The red became too dark with firing. Red is the only onglaze colour that gives me trouble. I think I’ll remove the red of this piece and instead enamel with regular enamel instead of onglaze for a rich red. I’ll see.

Oh and the theme of this piece/necklace is The Masque of the Red Death.

The balance of my camera was off so the pics kind of suck…

6 thoughts on “Enamelling

  1. A mi me gusta ese rojo :p
    Y bastante realista…o al menos yo tuve heridas en ese tono (dicho así suena raro, parece que estoy hablando de tintes o photoshop xDDD)

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