Black blooms

This weekend, I have been working on this set:

It is a sort of mix between cloissonné and plique-à-jour. I made the frames… around 1996. I think they are a bit Rococó looking :)

I’ve only finished this pendant. Not sure I like the finishing.

The tips of the petals are actually dark grey, so the light does go through.

I’ve also been making more palettes… boring, but necessary.

Note to self: I have changed the base enamel for opal, to Soyer 101, since Blythe T-8… if I remember well was discontinued, or my shop didn’t have stock… better to keep it for better use anyway.

I also forgot all about being careful with the gold foil… who did very well anyway.

And I am not grinding all the colours because I am lazy. All blues are done now.

2 thoughts on “Black blooms

  1. I love the pendant!

    What are the stripes on your palettes? You are using more than I do, so I’m curious. (Mine have bare copper, fluxed copper, gold leaf, silver foil, and hard white.)

    1. Yes, I have one more stripe, over opal, this is something I often use in my pieces (transparent over opal). The palettes have the color direct over copper (one and two layers), over white opaque (one and two layers), over white opal (one and two layers), over copper flux (one and two layers), over gold foil (one and two layers), and over silver foil (one layer direct and another over silver flux).

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