Annoying, but it has to be done

I never want to make palettes, but then, who does? although once I get started I can enjoy it quite a bit, relatively speaking.

I should promise myself to make palettes of all colours when I wash them, which is bound to be better than never making them at all. But I won’t, because I don’t like to break promises.

I quite like this Soyer 74 ivory, it is very subtle. What I normally use for my ivory base vitrifiables is Soyer 157. But the shop was out of it last time and I got 88. It is ok too, a bit darker.

I wanted to be more productive today but this is all I finished… and now it is late. I’m off to have dinner.

4 thoughts on “Annoying, but it has to be done

  1. How do you do the text on these? I’ve had only sporatic luck with such things. Thanks!

    That Soyer 74 is great. I have some of a Schauer that’s pretty nice too, but I don’t remember the number offhand. I DO like the ivory whites! I’ll probably ask you to get me some of the 74 next time you go. :)

    By the way, The box came yesterday- thank you!

    1. Its china paint. Stickers fall off, markers rub off… so china paint and a quick fire it is :)

      I love it too, but is is very hard, good for bases but I don’t know if anything else. Still bases is what I need most of the time, so I am gona run out of it soon… I’ll have to get more.
      Opaque ivory is not something I would have thought I would use much in my school days… but I do. I like it a lot more than a white background.

      So add it to your list :) no problem.

      Thanks for letting me know! you will have to tell me how you like the red and orange, I hope that is what you where looking for.

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