Working with wax, forging copper wire

This morning I worked on a sheet of wax. This is for a plique-à-jour project, I thought of making it out of gold (being a volcano, I want to work with red colours, and they react badly with silver) flat wire, soldering, but I have no idea when or how I am gonna get this, so I started working on a wax sheet I already had. This is for casting it with the lost wax method.

Very much in early stages.

I’ve also been forging some copper wire. I used to like a lot to play with wire and pliers, when I was still in jewellery school some 12 years ago… why didn’t I play with it all this time? it is such fun, and forging it even more. I am thinking of using these as links for a chain for the Eucaliptus pendant. But I want some round stone beads too… And perhaps this eucaliptus seed pod I drilled today too.

PS: Forgot to mention, yesterday I bought tickets, we will be in Barcelona from the 9th to the 14th of January :)

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  1. You’d probably get better results from buying gold sheet and piercing it than by piercing wax and trying ti cast it of get it cast. Flat filigree is not something that casts really well in general. And you could either melt down the pierced bits and use them, or refine them. –Just a thought- it looks like a gorgeous piece!

    1. Gold sheet 3mm thick… I don’t even want to think about the price!! The thing is, this is not gonna be flat, the holes are very narrow so I won’t have much space for it, but the idea is that the holes are wider on the top (surface) than the bottom (the back of the piece) this holds the enamel better in place, but the light still passes through.

      Thing is I don’t have money now so I can work with stuff I have around, and wax is cheap. I can get it cast in silver (I know a place in Barcelona where this sort of design wouldn’t be a problem) and try and enamel it (I have some Kujaku 105B that supposedly works with silver…), and maybe make a mold and perhaps in the future I can afford the gold.

      Btw, as I am going to Barcelona in January, just tell me if you need any Soyer, Schauer, Blythe…

      1. I had not realized it would be 3mm thick! That should cast nicely, I think- it’s the thin filigree stuff that can get iffy. I think getting it molded would be an excellent idea.

        The Japanese enamels mostly do work well with silver- that’s what I’ve been using for the most part. Some of them do yellow some when they’re put on it, though. If there’s a particular color you want, let me know- I might have something in that color, or I could order some for you from the place I get mine.

        Thanks for offering to get me more colors! I’ll have to look at my color sheets. I can get Schauer now, but still don’t have a good source for the others, except for you. :) Greatly appreciated!

        1. But, Kujaku is sold out everywhere, right? otherwise there is a dark blue I love and I would like to get some (74B). I don’t know other japanese brands.

          No problem, anytime, it is not a hassle since I am going to the shop anyway (almost everytime I go to the city).

  2. como siempre te digo, awesome Ö!

    es una lástima, yo estoy en barcelona hasta el 7 de enero :( de haberlo sabido me quedaba unos días más (aunque me parece que hay planes de ir a Berlín ese fin de semana, no sé si tengo yo muchas ganas de chuparme otra vez 8 horas de coche de Zwevezele a Berlín)

  3. Copper Wire

    I just love copper and your links are beautiful and will look lovely with the pendent. I need to try using my hammer more. I’m amazed by real artistic talent. It reminds me I am strictly a crafter. I’m going to look a little more through your blog.

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