13 thoughts on “Working on Grévol

        1. It is a quite standard black with shimmer, I was looking for just black but at the moment I only found this. It may look cooler because of the plain wrong lightning, lol.

          Nivea Color Mini 55 Black sparkle. Tiny bottle.

  1. Wonderful detailing work. Love the shadowing effect, it makes the piece very vivid!

    PS: 6 day-old nail lacquer, looking that good? It must be some kind of a record. What brand is it?

    1. If you want to see the enamel piece it is better pictured a few posts back ;)

      Looks pretty chipped (I work in the workshop anyway, and do house chores, and cannot stop picking at it, hehe), and the lacquer is quite standard (Nivea), the “secret” is to use a layer of clear undercoat and clear overcoat. And ideally two layers of colour in betwee (I used one and it chipped earlier than it usually does).
      I used all drugstore brands, high end brands tend to (but not always) last a bit longer and stay shinier.

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