Weighing of the heart – setting

I’ve been working on this yesterday and today. Yesterday I soldered the rings and finished soldering the “walls” which still had some holes.

Today I saw(ed?) one of the frames out, filed, sanded, darkened (with flame) polished a bit with pumice stone, and tried to set the enamel in (I also put some glue as a reinforcement). This is the first time I attempt a bezel setting, and it has been many years since I’ve done any jewellery, as is apparent in the results :P

I think the sheet was maybe too high, and maybe too thick. Cannot get it down more than this (also afraid to break the enamel, which btw I chipped a little bit when insering the enamel…). Maybe I should file it a little bit? Hm, I have no clue.

This is the state of things at the moment. A bit blurry.

Sort of antiqued finish

The ring seems a bit crooked, I didn’t see that until I saw the pics.

The mark in the enamel is in the copper o_O I didn’t realize before enamelling. WONKY setting.

There you can see the chip, it is only visible at an angle.

Ugh, the setting is terrible xD

Not too happy wiht this, obviously.

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