I just found a letter in my mailbox, from Lark Books. My submission for the Skull I pendant (this one below, but a different pic I think) has been accepted to appear in the book 500 Enameled Objects, which will be published in Spring 2009.

Frankly, I thought this piece would be a bit too gothy to be featured… but there you go ;P colour me surprised. I am glad though ;)

18 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. wow it’s great, congratulations. I don’t think the piece is too gothy, it’s full of references to Art and its History to me. And it is very well and beautifully done.

    1. Yeah me too :D our pieces are almost opposites in the spectrum *grin* this is probably gonna be a very ecclectic book. But then, only naturally… enamellers tend to be a bit odd, LOL.

      1. Have you seen any of the other books in the series? They’re all pretty eclectic- the items range from “OMG! I wish I had the chops to make that!” to “WHAT THE HELL were they thinking to accept THAT??!!?” I think that’s the idea. :)

        But yeah- our pieces are pretty much opposites! :D

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