Starting enamelling again


I took this one out of the pile of unfinished enamels Monday (27/10). Has been sitting there for more than 3 years… It had a background of transparents and opaque ivory for the skull, plus the silver pailló mini squares had been affixed too. I covered the pailló with silver flux and fired.

I started painting vitri without realising that I wanted to cover the pailló with 17, yay me! I fired the first vitri with a thin layer of 17. It was too faint and the vitri was a bit burnt, so Tuesday (28/10) I gave a thicker layer thogheter with some white vitri and other details, darker at the center, and ground off the vitri from the skull. It is now fired and waiting for painting of skull again.


I also started painting an enlongated hand on a long oval white opal base. It is a bit crappy and it doesn’t have name yet, but it serves as practice.


Well, I do notice I haven’t worked in forever with enamel, making stupid errors. Many of my enamels in little boxes may be spoiled.

I want to use gold pailló for this one, and I cannot fuck up. I may repeat this base for the 3rd time.

1st attempt 27/10, base of 48, counter enamel I don’t remember. 48 boiled badly, all dirty, full of bubbles. Tried to stone and fix with layer of 240 but it still looks too unstable, I want a more solid base.

2nd attempt 28/10, base of C-2, counter an unidentified green opaque. Flux ok, but burnt much at edges. Counter fell and burnt. It was badly spoilt in acid. I stoned a bit and gave a belt to flux. Flux looked ok, counter was completely burnt. I started stoning with diamond and motor. 29/10 stoned all, saw that the flux had cracked, so fired it without wetting. Pickled it then, maybe too hot because flux belt cracked and chipped… sigh. Stoned edges and cracked stuff off, gave counter of 47. This is still black, flux has evened. But I do not like to work on this base which may be damaged (acid into cracks) for laurel either.

So I will start a new one tomorrow, with Soyer 1 copper flux as base and counter, thin-ish layer.

This is some rant I typed at work yesterday. I will post this entry private and meanwhile decide If go on with this. I have already created an alternate LJ for the mode stuff and posted some entries. Takes little time to copy paste.

I have to make a choice between mystery and secretism, which would be favorable to the thematic nature of my work (but not to the value of the technique) or open-ness and detailed background of my work.

By nature I do tend to explain and show everything in detail. I could still privately keep record of all, and only show the finished project, perhaps the sketch too, but none of the inbetween “magic”, but perhaps, a glimpse here and there, premeditately, like a Victorian lady that seemingly inadvertently reveals the heel.

Instead of real content, I fill the space with works in progress and so on.

I think I should record useful process notes for my future reference only, such as an experimental procedure or colours. These to be posted private.

This is to be applied to my “professional” work only. That is, for the moment, enamel only.

I should retrieve the LJ innershelter to link to my website, that should be redesigned.

The mode illustree entries should be moved (manually?) to another basic LJ account (m-illustree70-80s ?). (Doing that as of now).

This update journal should be very clean and simple, tagged by typology technique and theme. For now, this could be all the website contents are.

The more “personal” incarnations of my website are to be placed on a subfolder.

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