Moebius Strip – making the choker

I’ve decided to have cissa make a setting for this piece. I wanted to put it on a ribbon choker, so I’ve been working in the ribbon today. My first idea was of a box pleated silk ribbon in a dark blue, with a thin velvet ribbon over it, where it would be stitched. And probably another thicker velvet ribbon underneath it all for support. I got the silk ribbons last week on Ebay, and the blue velvet ones years ago in Barcelona, for this purpose…

So I set myself to dye the silk ribbon, which I had in a very pale grey-ivory and a warmer ivory. In a test dye, the warmer ivory gave a more green blue, so I went for the other, even though it was quite stiff. But after the dye job it got soft and a little lustrous. I also dyed it pale, instead of dark, to match the lighter parts of the enamel. As the dye bath was already prepared, I thought of dying also something else to use it up, a bit of lace. I’ve been reading about ombre dying lately, for something else, and I tried to do this with the lace to see how it works. Such fun!! :D I dyed two sections of cotton lace darker in the middle:

The colour is gradual, but the shadows in this picture make it look like it isn’t.

Here is the entire piece:

The silk ribbon can also be seen on the top. It is all the same colour (I should have ombre dyed it!) but one side got a lot darker than the other.

So now I don’t know what to do. I like how the lace looks on top of the dark blue velvet, and with the thin one on top:

But I would probably have to gather it a little to show off all of the ombre gradient… I don’t know how that would look.

It is difficult to see how the silk ribbon would look like without actually pleating it, here it is flat:

And a little attempt to pleat it, here the sketch:

Apart from this, there is also the question of the setting. It is gonna be very simple, but I am debating between silver or brass. I like the contrast of yellow and blue… but it is difficult to imagine. I photoshopped a little…

Got some deciding to do now… any opinion is appreciated :)

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