Mist (I)

I had an idea that I wanted to make some tests for. This is my first attempt at it.

There are many process pictures after the cut.

The idea is to reproduce the aspect of mist with opalescent enamel and vitrifiable paints. This was of course inspired by a misty day. The vitrifiable paint(ed) tree is sadwiched between layers of opalescent enamel, fading from top to bottom. When you look at it while you turn it, it kind of gives the impression the tree is floating in between, but this is difficult to photograph.

29 thoughts on “Mist (I)

  1. OMG, this is gorgeous! I am a sucker for anything blue/cobalt. Actually, I’d also like to see more pictures of the piece shown in the usericon for this entry. Can haz?

  2. Also: in terms of bronze wire, while I do not seem to have 1mm (and I’m not sure why not!), I do have: 1.6mm, 1.3mm, 0.8mm, and 0.6mm, and quite a huge amount of each by jewelry standards.

    1. Them all sound like useful thicknesses :)

      Have you ever tried to… now I don’t know how to say this in English ;P the machine that makes sheet thinner. To pass round wire through it? I wonder if it turns out like a cloissonné wire.

      1. In English it’s a “rolling mill”, and yes, I have used it to flatten round wire- not for cloisonne (yet), but for various other things. I have read that people who do a lot of work with gold cloisonne wire roll it themselves, to get different thicknesses, and I’ve been meaning to try that with fine silver because it’s hard to find much variation in width- and I like to use at least a couple of different widths some of the time!

        I’d be careful using bronze with enamels, though- the zinc content (and modern bronzes have zinc) could have nasty effects- bad for color and texture.

        1. Cool :D well of course I do not own a machine, perhaps some day. I thought perhaps I could get those plates to… sigh I don’t know half the terminology ;P extrude? manually the wire and make half round or rectangular wire. I was thinking more about using it for bezels than for enamelling though.

          1. There’s a (usually) decent but inexpensive line of rolling mills, I know- that’s what I have. I think they’re about $200-300US each, and I believe they’re available in Europe. Probably Indian or Pakistani made. Mine has a 4:1 gear ratio, which helps roll out heavy stuff.

            The “extrude” things are “draw plates,” and they’d be good for half-round, but I don’t know that it would be possible to draw rectangular wire thin enough for most bezels (0.5mm or less). For that, you’d probably do better with an anvil and a hammer. And lots of practice. :P

            1. I was browsing yesterday this German website. The menu can be viewed in English but the rest not… I only understand about 1/3 of the text ;P

              But I found this:
              €260 is not too bad I think. But it doesn’t have “feet”, and I don’t find any on the website… shouldn’t they have a heavy steel base? that’s how we had them in school. I wonder if it can be attached to a bench.
              I don’t have space for it anyway, I think.
              There is more under Tools & Goldsmith > Rolling/Bending > Rolling

              They also have these:
              There seems to be a cheap “hobby” selection and “professional” plates. There are more than shown, there is a PDF: http://www.zujeddeloh.de/download/technisch/Zieheisen.pdf
              They have some rectangular profiles, but I don’t think they are thin enough for cloissonné or bezels.

              The site seems good, they even have wire, sheet etc in fine silver.

              1. The rolling mill you found looks almost exactly like mine, except mine’s green, not blue. :) It’s been really serviceable for me over more than 10 years now. Mine is bolted to a table that’s big and really heavy for a base. It doesn’t take up much room, where I have it- it’s on the corner of the table, with the handle over the edge.

                As far as drawplates go- I wouldn’t buy any that cost less than at least $50US; any cheaper, and I think they’d be junk (at least for drawing wire). I’ve pretty happy with those in that price range, though- not that I draw much wire!

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