Frangipani (plumeria, champa) flowers

So, this is what I have made today:

I didn’t make the setting. cissa did :) (this is her Etsy shop) So you could call this a collaboration project.

Amanda, as you see, I used the setting for another piece than I originally intended.

The flowers are frangipani (plumeria, champa).

It can be worn as a belt too. Or a circlet I guess.

Fire enamel over copper with transparent & opaline enamels, and vitreous oil paints. Setting with satinated low rich brass frame and sterling silver back. Choker made out of 100% silk ribbon, ombre dyed by hand in cobalt (center) to deep ultramarine blue (ends). The lenght of the ribbon is 105 centimetres (41.3 inches). The enamel with frame itself measures 3.8 x 3 centimetres (1.5 x 1.1 inches).

The brass is protected with a layer of lacquer to protect it from tarnish. All parts that would be in contact with the skin of the wearer are made out of sterling silver.

I put it up for sale in Etsy. There are bigger pictures in there.

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9 thoughts on “Frangipani (plumeria, champa) flowers

    1. It’s true this is quite different, but again beautiful, so pretty. I need to show these flowers to a friend of mine who loves green and blue (she is like the daughter of the sea… :) )

  1. I LOVE it! I think the frame sets off your gorgeous enamels there, and I like it with the flowers even more than the original concept. Thank you!!!!

    And it’s maybe sort of a collaboration, but the gorgeousness is all yours. :)

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