9 thoughts on “Fishbone and snail shells

    1. Thank you!

      It is just Blythe T-8 white opal, but Soyer 101 could be used as well. Over… I think 26 Soyer direct on copper (dark blue transparent). The important thing is to grind the enamel fine for grisaille and control the fire.

      1. Thanks for the tech info. :) Those are truly stunning pieces! I love the way the opal over cobalt blue works SO much more than the conventional white over black grisaille.

        1. In my school, this was the “orthodox” way we learnt to do it. 101 Soyer over direct 26 Soyer.
          Then there is the Blanc de Limoges which is oil based, that one works better over black I think.

    1. Thank you!

      Oh, I didn’t know you enamelled :)

      They are just abnormally thick and strong, and grow fast, so normally they do not bother me, I can even use them as tools, hehe. I’ve had to cut them with shears and file them down with needle files in the workshop on occasion, though, when they bothered for a specific task.

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