16 thoughts on “Eucaliptus

  1. Oh, YUM. So perfect! a totally gorgeous job!

    great photos, too. Are you looking to sell on Etsy? because if you are, have at least the first photo of the set- whichever you think is the best representation- cropped to SQUARE. Other aspect ratios make for pretty unfortunate thumbnails, from what I’ve seen.

    But I am in awe of the gorgeousness!!!!

    1. You think I could put it for sale? Hm… I think the enamel is nice enough but found the wire wrapping (and specially the back of the setting which you don’t see here) a bit substandard, so I hadn’t thought of selling.
      I am seriously lacking some tools, so I hope my quality will improve once I have them. I think most of all I miss a clamp tingy to hold stuff, I cannot saw tiny jumprings holding them with my fingers so I use the scissors… not the best results.

      I am aware of the thumbnail bussiness :)

      1. A ring clamp’s pretty cheap, and does help. Mostly, I wrap any jump rings I make (which I do only under duress; I prefer to buy, if I can buy what I need!) on a wooden dowel, and then saw them on the dowel, a few at a time, moving the coil up as the cut rings fall off.

        I’ve got one pair of shears that makes pretty clean cuts for fusing, but probably not for use as un fused or soldered jump rings- especially since I’d be reluctant to use it for much over 20 ga. fine silver.

        1. Yeah, the problem is that I have to go to Spain to buy tools, or buy them online from Germany or the US. I am going to Spain in January though, so I will get some tools.

          Didn’t think of wood, (I had to google “dowel”, hehe), good idea.

      2. But, anyway! Yes, I think it’s gorgeous- very Art Nouveau, and could definitely be put up for sale. Now, expensive stuff takes a while to sell on Etsy, but why not try? :)

        Maybe include a pic of the back as an alternate photo, if you’re concerned someone may be disappointed in it.

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