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  1. so pretty.

    Mer you are cutting out the back so that the light shines through? Also, that little stick thing at the bottom what is that? Is that a heated pin of some sort that cuts through?

    I got the purse, I love it.

    1. In this case, no, the light doesn’t shine through, as there is copper sandwiched in between two layers of enamel. I made an opening to see the signature at the back ;) The depth you see is the light passing through a couple of layers of transparent enamel and hitting another layer of opaque-ish enamel underneath.

      The thin stick is a sawblade, a tiny tiny jewellery sawblade. In Spanish we call then “hair” blades. they are attched to a handsaw, that is how we cut thin metal. Like this:

      I am very glad you like the purse :) I think the blue/green colour will look great with your hair.

  2. Wow! Look how hard you worked on that! It’s beautiful and a true work of art! I love the progress photos, which give us an idea of the process. Is this for you or will it be going up on Etsy?

    1. Thanks! I like progress pictures a lot and try to post them too :) I didn’t take many of the metalworking process… next time.

      I will be keeping this one. Not my style much but I take it as a learning experience: the metalworking is far from perfect.

    1. Gracias!! :**

      Te tengo que mandar un mail… como ves voy de culo xD
      Tengo a Mino enfermo otra vez… lo acaban de operar esta misma tarde de piedra en el riñón… ya llamé a la clínica y me dijeron que todo fué bien.

    1. Thank you, far from perfect though :D
      There are so many tools I am missing (togheter with a workbench, I work in a very uncomfortable position right now…), my shopping list is getting bigger and bigger (and available money getting less and less with every vet bill, hehe).

      I tried polishing the setting but I did not like how it looked (I am in general not a fan of high polish), so I darkened it with fire and scratched it a bit with a file. I like it like this, but I don’t know if anyone else will get it LOL.

      I hammered the back. How do you call that? we call it martelé. I am just trying things out really :D

      Yes I used the gold solder everywhere, I do not have anything else yet. It was completely not visible when sanded and polished, but when I darkened the piece it became a little visible. It is still less visible than a white solder would be, though. It is great for brass, although it is a bit hard I think, I would like to find more, because I do actually like brass…

      1. I’d be happy to order you some of the yellow solder next time I order from Rio. Any idea how much you’d like? They sell it by the troy ounce, and that’s a LOT of solder- it’s about $20 for one right now.

        I agree- it’s pretty hard, and doesn’t have great flow. Still, it does work decently with the copper alloys.

        1. Hmh, you mean they sell the troy ounce minimum? If so, and if you don’t need any, I would take that minimum (whatever that is, LOL).
          If you buy often from Rio I will have to pass until a bit later, since right now I am beyond broke, though. It looks like I might run out of a couple of sorts of brass soon, too, but I would like to try and source that locally if possible.

          1. I probably buy from Rio every couple of months or so. I still have enough of the yellow solder for myself, so don’t need more personally. Let me know when you’re interested, and I’m happy to add it to a future order! I could probably spare some myself, too, if you really need it. :)

            And yes, it looks like they sell it in 1 troy ounce quantities.

            I’m also happy to order brass or bronze or whatever for you, if you need me to. :)

              1. Metalliferous- the place we got the half-round- sells bronze sheet, I think down to either 20 or 22 ga. (20 is 0.8mm, and 24 is 0.5, so 22 is someplace between them).

                A few years ago I found an outfit that sold thinner bronze sheet, and got a couple of squares of it- but don’t remember who it was offhand. I can probably look it up, though.

                I have a TON of bronze wire in several gauges, centered around 1mm diameter. I have a ton because the minimum order was a ton. :P If you’re interested, I can check the diameters and let you know what they are- I’m pretty sure I have 4 sizes, and I know I have far more than I can use myself in my remaining lifespan!

                I make no promises that any one bronze will be a great color match for any other bronze, though. Unfortunately.

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