Today my big order from Fire Mountain Beads arrived. No customs fee! :D

It is a bit late but I could not wait and I already put them away in the organizers I bought Saturday. Here they are mixed with others I already had (although the biggest part is new)


The lightning is horrid and the pics are blurry, but I couldn’t help to take these today (I am very impatient ;P). Some of the beads I got next to pieces I want to use them with. Not sure about some of them… input is appreciated ;)

Pearl cabochon… or river stone (the smaller stones) or aragonite (the bigger ones, I think they are too big for this).

The river stones are truly gorgeous, extremely shiny and such a soft and clean cream colour.

Uhhh.. blurry!

On top amazonite, on the bottom aventurine. Maybe I prefer the more opaque amazonite… although it is not a perfect match. It is softer to go with the copper wire.

The coral beads I already had and I tried to match the berries to them, but maybe they need an extra layer (the berries ;P)

Originally I got the oval peridots (to the right) to go with this piece. Maybe they are too clear? The green serpentine stones to the left are a nice match too. To the top, the more perfect beads are glass. I would prefer stone to go with this piece, perhaps.

Grey moonstones (they are so gorgeous moving in the light), river stone, aragonite, aragonite. The two sizes of aragonite are of different procedence and quite different. I originally thought of mixing the moonstones with the smaller aragonite for this piece but now I am not sure anymore. Three beads should dangle from each earring, and the big aragonite seems too big for this.

For my blue grisailles… Top and bottom, glass beads. In between, blue agate (dyed). Hmh. I have several pieces with these colours, and will probably make more, so perhaps I can use all of these.

And this… is for a piece in the works. The idea is for the orange glass beads to have the colour of fire. But perhaps they turned out a little bit too fluorescent? :/ they are to go with these lava beads I already had.

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  1. Wow, you have some gorgeous enamels and some gorgeous beads to go with them! Can’t wait to see your finished pieces. I don’t remember you showing the top one of the hands before – I love it.

        1. Thank you! agates though? :) next to the hands there is a pearl, and river stone and aragonite (the bigger ones) I would like to know which one you think goes better with them :)

      1. Those hands are amazing, Medvssa! I see the original entry said they would be earrings but seeing them together they might also look good on a simple necklace of those river stones with the pointy ends of the hand pieces toward each other, maybe even with the clasp hidden under the hands. Worn in front the hands would rest on the upper chest like they are reaching for each other or if worn in back the hands are encircling the wearer.

        Whatever you come up with will be stunning with those pieces. :-)

        1. Thank you :) that is actually a good idea. I am attached to the idea of these being earrings (I don’t come up with many ideas for earrings, it is mostly pendants), but I will keep that in mind :)

  2. Wow you do really gorgeous work!

    I LOVE the first ones. I think the river stone go REALLY well with them.

    The second set I vote both, with more amazonite. If I had to choose though I’d pick the amazonite alone.

    I love the berries. I definitely think the serpentine stones would look best with those. The others are too clear to be put with something so bold.

    The egyptian ones are SO awesome. I definitely vote the small aragonite, or maybe aragonite with the moonstones.

    With the blue ones, I love all of those pieces, but I think you should use dark stones with the lighter piece and lighter stones with the dark piece for balance.

    1. Thanks!

      For the second set I will only use one stone, since it is gonna be made out of copper links with only one bead here and there, and if I mix them up they wouldn’t match well.

      For the Holly I am also thinking of the serpentine, the only problem is that they are so tiny for such a big piece… maybe I should order bigger ones for this.

      The vases are greek, not egyptian ;) the darker aragonite (small, darker) is a nice colour match, but they are quite dull stones. I definitely want to use the moonstones too (the pieces have greys i the backgrounds, although the pic is bad and you can’t see well).

  3. some beautiful enamels.

    I always lean towards more rough looking stone stuff, but that is my personal preference. Moonstone so far is my favorite.

    Mer, your bead collection is so amazingly well organized. I am very impressed.

    Have you ever seen my bead collection? It is enormous.

    1. Thanks :)

      These moonstones are really beautiful IRL. Maybe it is well organized since it is so small? LOL I didn’t see yours, pity! would have loved to. I just saw you great necklace collection pinned to the wall.

  4. Wow, els de les mans m’han deixat en la boca oberta – t’ha quedat SUPER bé!

    Veig que li diuen molt molt molt les river stones. La perla no massa i les altres massa grans (I think).

  5. I definitely like the river stones for the hands. The pearl is too white…
    In the blurry one it’s hard to tell ;-)
    I like the green serpentine stones for the holly – but then the corals might be too big…
    I love what you’ve already done with the classical pieces – the small bit of variety doesn’t take away from the piece.
    I prefer the dark blue stone with both of the grisaille pieces – maybe also a pearl or two? (especially with the shell)

    I aspire to be able to paint as well as you one day! Hours of practice ahead. Whenever I see a real limoges up close it literally takes my breath away …

    1. I think I will wait and order bigger serpentines for the holly too, the coral beads are so big… but I like the colour match of the serpentines. A new strand can turn out different, though.

      Practice is the way to go, I have lost a lot of hand lately, but you pick it up fast. Drawing from natural is best to regain it, you see progress very fast.

  6. I so love the “hands” enamels. I remember seeing the left one but not the right one. It’s impressive.
    I love the beads you got otherwise, especially the green and red ones for the “berries” enamel, love their colours. Pure eye pleasure!

  7. So gorgeous!

    1. The river stones, definitely- the color’s better with the enamels.

    2. I;d use both. Either alone isn’t quite right colorwise (or that’s how it looks on my monitor), but together they look amazing. If I had to choose 1, I think I’d go with the green.

    3. The coral (which looks great), the peridots, and the serpentine, by preference. Each really sets off the enamel, and together they are amazing. I’m not as fond of the glass.

    4. The moonstones, while lovely, do not seem to me to go as well as the other 3. The moonstones are more gray, and the others more in the light brown, and to me, that’s how the enamels look.

    5. ALL the blues look fabulous. But then, I so adore rich blues!

    6. I LOVE it. If you think the orange is too bright, use 1 orange w3ith 2 lava or something…. but the fire look is wonderful.

    I LOVE your work!!!!

    1. 1: Definitely going for the ribver stones.

      2: I am using both :) togheter they kind of go well, alone one or the other didn’t convince me.

      3: Not sure about the peridots because the are so clear… they are lovely but they will just be too pale against the skin, at least to go with this piece that is a bit opaque. I am thinking of ordering biger serpentines to go with the coral.

      4: There is a little of grey in the enamels (in the background, the marble effect) but it is just not showing up in the pics at all. IRL, I find they liven the whole and give a bit of life, when it is all browns seems too muted. It is just not showing up well I think.

      6. I will have to see how I do this, the orange is really fluorescent IRL. In fact I’ve thought of experimenting on a glass bead by trying to paint it with on glaze and fire it… I bet it is gonna explode, hehe.

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