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    1. Yes, hehe, it is 70’s, style enamel: overfired opaques over transparents for the irregular effect, enamel threads and enamel drops. Yes, the beady things and threas are just drops of enamel that you can fire separately at the end to melt them just slightly to the surface. You see them unfired in the fist picture. I also fired some glass beads to it though, the transparent orange ones.

        1. Some enamels change indeed, mostly is is transparent reds being pink or transparent before firing. These drops I buy all mixed and yo don’t really know what is gonna happen, but normally opaques do not change too much.

  1. I do love it

    I’m the friend and these are my favourite pieces of jewelery ever so am very grateful Mer as they’re absolutely beautiful and so ‘me’! Thank you!! :o)

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