Without wings

I have discarded (for now) the Brisingamen sketch for the Salou Biennal. I was stuck with it, going nowhere, so I put it aside for a later time and went on to something else.

I decided to make an enamel version of a digital work I made years ago. I feel like experimenting with textures, so this is an adequate subject, I think.

I will use the same piece of copper I was gonna use for Brisingamen, which was gonna be a champlevé (in fact I am not sure now this would work well), but will be instead more of a baise-taille plus I think grisaille. I modified the originally square design to a rectangle (enlongating the wing) and I am texturing the background etching with ferric chloride (?), I um using engraver varnish, and also pencil and permanent markers to make a multi-layered texture. Now and then I take the plate out of the liquid and change the reserve, and I am too lazy to take pictures of every step. I want to completely preserve the figure, to later on work with a soft grisaille, probably just over clean flux for the rosey color, and the wound details mainly with china paint. I think I will also etch the hair a little bit for contrast. The wing has some texturing, and I will preserve it later so that it sticks out a little from the background. I wanted to give it detail in china paint.

Here is the sketch:

First reserve:

Original design:

I’ve got about two weeks to finish it!


I’ve taken it out and changed the reserve, I took a couple of pictures:

Now the varnish is drying.


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