Without wings continued…

So I have been etching the last days and yesterday I decided it was enough, and cleaned the copper. Today I turned the big kiln on (I think the first time I do that here in Belgium) and annealed (?) it. It is almost as big as I can fire in this oven. Damn it weighs a ton, and no enamel yet…

I think the texture ended up rich enough, I think I will apply some silver foil to it, but I don’t think I can do it directly due to the firescale… maybe some flux on the background. Now it is there cooling off… we are supposed to go shopping now and to my in laws later, tomorrow we have to pick up a piece of furniture near Brussels with a friend and Monday I will spend making tests in the Elfenatelier workshop trying to figure out how to give enamelling classes (!!!), so I am not gonna have much time to do this piece, and I am running out of time… maybe it is time to skip one visit to the in laws ;P

This is a close-up of the copper before annealing:

In the ferric chloride.

Some nice patinas it gets from the ferric… After a night it became almost completely green, such nice colors, I wish I knew how to fix them to the surface. Maybe I should make some tests.

Etching finished.

Out of the oven.

Firescale coming off.

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