Making tests at Elfenatelier

Today I went to the beautiful Elfenatelier to make some tests togheter with Un-Roen Manarata, who is owner of the shops and certified instructor of ArtClay Silver. We enamelled over art clay she made beforehand and over some beads and filigree that is for sale in the shop. If there is enough interest, I will teach some enamelling over silver clay there at the workshop :)

Some pictures of what we did today:

Over filigree, we didn’t clean the threads because Hydrofluoric is out of the question.

Everything we did today.


Yours truly :P

I wanted to find a way to clean silver and copper without using acid, which is a bit dangerous in a workshop like this. In a jewellery book I have I found this repice that works very well as we have seen today: lemon juice and non-ioded salt on a copper bowl, brought to a soft boil (we just put it on top of the oven and it was hot enough). Not so dangerous and smells nice!

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