Heart choker

I made this a couple of weeks ago, but I have been a bit lazy about updating…

This piece was a comission from a dear friend’s boyfriend. For her birthday. His idea was of a red heart with a red rose in it, kind of blending into the background. I suggested the lace and crystals, and the shape of the heart, following that of a victorian piece of jewellery:

A couple of pictures of the finished piece (the display where I put it is smaller than a neck, so it fits a bit differently on a neck – better if I might say so myself :))

More detailed and progress pictures (and explanation) .


I had the lace already, dyed black with clothes’ dye. The black wasn’t deep so I got a pot of silk paint in black to deepen it. Velvet ribbon to tie, swarovski crystals I got in a local shop (they didn’t have teardrops so I salvaged them from another choker I had for sale on Etsy), little hooks for a set of matching earrings, two thin wooden boxes for the packaging, pearl needles I fortunately found in a local shop, and the lace with a red paper cut in a heart shape to show the client how it would look.

Painting the lace.

Layer of flux over the prepared copper base (I hand cut and drilled the copper)

First layer of reds.

The test palette I made with all the reds I have, to have a reference, also shows here.

Second layer.

Third layer.

Preparing some oil based onglaze colours.

Layer of onglaze detailing before firing. It is very difficult to capture this piece on picture because of the sublte difference in colour and the glossy nature of the material. The rose seems to float a bit into the glass.

Showing scale to the client. I didn’t take pictures of the process of sewing the swarovski crystals to the lace. I did that during my trips to work in the train since there wasn’t much time to finish the comission in time.

Sewing the heart to the lace.


Packing with coppery organza. Here the little matching earrings can be seen, too. The earrings were my present.

Packaging, I painted the boxes with red watercolour to preserve the wood texture, and golden acrylic inside and the bottom. The ribbon is satin. I’ve blurred the name from the note for privacy.


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