Enamels: Weighing of the heart, Raven

So, today I saw a few crows and got “inspired” (whatever :P) to finally paint an enamel base I had around with a crow head I had sketched… ages ago. It is not like seeing a crow around here is a rare event, but well.

The sketch isn’t much more than the idea and the silver and jet setting. It is not exactly the copper shape I had in mind, but I had some sort of urgency, and did it on what I found more suitable from the bases I already had prepared. It looked kinda fine when it was wet:

I used an insane amount of oil to get the flat color effect on the purple area. It is maybe the lazy way to do it, but I certainly wasn’t in the mood for pointillism, I wanted something a little more spontaneous. I went on to firing it, evaporating the oil veeeery carefully, because when there is this much, it tends to bleed, run, and boil. Well, except for boiling it did all of that:

This is dry. Scary eh?

Fired. All of this bleeding is kind of a neat antiqued effect, but not what I had in mind. I might either try to fix it with another layer, or redo it. I have to make tests on letting the oil evaporate by itself, at least the greatest part. That can take months, hah.

These were the reference images for the crow: 1, 2, 3.

As the kiln was hot, I also gave a second (or third I don’t remember) layer to another piece I had around for ages. This is the egyptian weighing of the heart, in two pices to hang from a chain, the heart higher, I suppose. Or maybe not. I consider them finished now, except for the setting of course:

Its kind of weird the vase-like shape the egyptians gave to the heart. I don’t even know if it is supposed to be a vase, or look like a vase, it looks like one to me. Or perhaps it is just that, as the heart was gonna go into the jar, Anubis didn’t bother putting it out. That would be kinda cheating. I love their figure for a feather, though.


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