Workshop today…

Well, I have been working today too, I finished the bases I started yesterday, 35 total, puf… now I have work for a long time.

Most of them are gonna be miniatures, some combined with other techniques, but mostly this. I don’t know why, it is what comes to my mind lately, perhaps it is the subjects.

I have some champlevés in mind too, though.

More info about this here. There will be more Senescent’s updates from now on, so if you want to be up to date, you can friend the Senescent news journal.

My back aches a bit, but so far no neck/headaches or tendinitis have come back, well, bad would be if they would come back in two days!

I am very hungry now, I hope Pim cooks something, I’m too tired.

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      1. Hmm. Thanks for asking!

        I don’t know that I really have anything in mind. I tend to use transparents and opals more than opaques, but certainly not exclusively!

        I guess what I’d love would be for you to pick some of the colors that you think are really great ones, and give me a bit of each to try out, like a teaspoon full or a bit less (sorry- I don’t know the metric for that…). Some of the ones that you just adore yourself, whatever they may be (though a note on each that gives me a clue what each is would be lovely!).

        I’ll add that I probably have all the green transparents I will EVER need. :) I’m also pretty well-set for fluxes.

        If you have any white opals that don’t turn yellow at all on silver, they would make me very happy…. :)

        I’m sorry to be so vague! I’m just hoping that you can choose a few with more knowledge than I have… and then help me figure out how to get more if i fall in love!

        1. If you have any white opals that don’t turn yellow at all on silver, they would make me very happy…. :)

          Impossible ;)
          You need a layer of flux under the opal, the result is so beautiful though, at least I like it very much.

          I will do that, I am gonna gather small bas for this. I had a look at the price list I have there, and I calculated that around 150g would be more or less the price of a 5ml. You know, some colors like red can be more expensive etc, so I did an average. I will take care to pick colors that aren’t discontinued, in case you want more. You say you have plenty of green, but what about bluish green or turquoise? I have a few opales: very white that almost seems opaque, but it has this softness to it, it is one of my favorites that I use often, one of the few schauer colors I use. The best opal in my opinion, blythe T-8, and 101 soyer is also white, similar to T-8. I also have a couple of blue opales (I think they are blythe) and one or two green opales, also a yellow and a pink I think. Tel me if you are interested in any of those. The best pink ever, A-14 blythe, very delicate though, you have to fire in the end, and pretty low if possible, or it burns and turns orange. I think soyer 15 hasn’t been discontinued (most of the great yellows have, boo) a very pale transparent yellow. 25 or 26 soyer are great dark blues, true ultramar, can be applied direct to copper, very nice for grisaille base (like this: I used T-8 very grinded for the grisaille there). I don’t know, those are remarkable colors from the top of my head.

          1. Well, I figured the search for a non-yellowing opal was doomed, but thought I’d ask. :)

            Choosing non-discontinured colors would be GREAT. It’s like with BPAL- I hate to tempt myself to fall in love with something I can’t get any more of!

            Turquoises would be WONDERFUL. I need some for some pieces I’ve been sketching, and don’t have more than a couple of nice ones. Blue-greens, too.

            What’s the number of the schauer white opal? I do have one, which I got before the person here in the US stopped carrying them, and like it very much, but I probably don’t need more. If that’s not the one I have, it sounds wonderful! I’d love to try either the blyth T-8 or the 101 soyer. I do love the opals, and blueish or turquoise ones would be great. I’m intrigued by the pink and yellow opals, too, but have less pressing need for them.. although if I fall in love, who can say?

            I’d LOVE to try the A-14 blythe, and firing it last and low would not be a problem.

            The soyer 15 sounds really nice, especially if it’s still available.

            I think I’ll pass on the 25 and 26 soyer blues; I completely adore the color, and so have got quite a bit of similar ones from various other companies. I want to start doing some grissaille on it, like you did on that lovely piece.

            Thank you for being so helpful and nice with all this!!!

            1. No problem, as you see I like talking enamel, and I have none to anymore ;P

              The schauer opal is 64. I think I better give you a list of things I have in mind first, ust in case you could have them. This opal is wonderful in gold jewellery, a few grains over a more transparent opal on the edges of a textured leaf, it is so beautiful. I also like to use it as base of miniature, it is not as hard as an opaque white, or as base for transparent colors, nice too.

              Either T-8 or 101? I can add a bit of each, I appreciate some difference, anyway I think the T-8 is better quality, but so are all blythes.

              Will add some A-14, I hope they never discontinue this color! Last batches are a bit darker than the original, aka 3050, but still very good pink.

              Soyer 15 is very very pale, delicate, beautiful yellow.

              Ok, no deep blues then, any other, pale? very dark? more green better?

              If you want to try grisaille with opal, grind grind grind!! until it seems flour if possible. Have you got an agate mortar & pestle? good for non contamination of the enamel, but quite expensive. A ceramic one can substitute it, though.

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