Visions de catalunya

Llotja. Emaux 2006 “Visions de la Catalogne”

Du juillet au 30 août 2006

Inauguration et vernissage jeudi 6 juillet a 18 heures

Galerie Vincent Pécaud

21, rue Élie-Berthet

87000 Limoges – France

Ouvert du mardi au samedi de 10h 15 à 12h 15 et de 14h 15 a 19h

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My mushrooms are there tiny, bottom right.

I am not gonna be able to go because I don’t have enough money. Anybody wants to be my maecenas? :P

17 thoughts on “Visions de catalunya

        1. Haha, they are evil and read minds.
          Not to hurry you, but now that you mention spending, did you send me the FL? (I just don’t remember) BPAL should arrive tomorrow or the next.

          1. Yes, I just sent them, carefully packed so let me know how that arrives, I had no choice for shipping, the first price begin at 15€, otherwise its economical parcel, its like that since they change all the services, and this is why my shipping prices had increase, that is sad. I asked if they have a small packages service, seems no longer. Anyway, its gone and you will receive friday or monday.

                  1. Mer, you need your money I know, me I pass that on tons of postage bill, thats nothing. I blocked payments on paypal because I sometimes received payments from customers I didnt allow, who send me amounts how they want without my aggreement or made mistakes by sending the amount in $ or things like that, so that put the trouble in all my papers, I have to accumulate paypal photocopies and calculate weird amounts, that have to stop, I even made refunds, and receive funds on my other email, on wich I cant withdraw on my bank account :(

                    1. Oh I see, well yeah that is a wise move then, everything that saves time and effort (not to count money) is good.

                      I still don’t think it is fair :P
                      I will send you te FL myself but it is not gonna be that much at all…

  1. Cool! And congratulations for being in the flier!

    I wish we lived closer together- I’d love to see the exhibit, and to meet you, too! Too bad all that water is in the way…

    1. Yeah that would be cool :)
      In which state do you live? I visited Maryland a couple of summers ago. I bet it is gonna be a long time (you see, no money) until I cross the pond again.

      1. I’m in Massachusetts, so not that close to Maryland. Anything in the Northeast, though, is reasonable, including new York (which is kinda the border to New England). Worcester is about exactly in the middle of MA.

        1. I stopped in New York to change planes, unfortunately I didn’t have time to stay in the city (in fact customs was so horribly slow -apart from pretty horrible itself- that I almost lost my second plane). Still, I remember when we went to Virginia… man, all day in the car, we in Europe are just no used to those distances, you people have to be all day in the car, even if it is to go to the supermarket! I am used to go walking, tops take a bus, everywhere.

          1. See, I have to drive EVERYWHERE if I’m going somewhere. No public transportation where we are, and nothing much is within reasonable walking distance. I was lucky when K was little, because then thre was a grocery store we often walked to-but it closed, and now is a hardware store instead. Rather less useful for many things!

            Since I grew up in the Midwest, I was used to driving an hour or so for things. The people I knew in northern Minnesota- which is a lot more wild/rural- thought nothing of driving 90 minutes to see a movie! Here in the Northeast, things are closer together- but still require driving. Always.

            1. That is most annoying if you ask me ;P
              Your contry is very beautiful but a bit oversized, haha. I loved having all kinds of landscape in Catalonia, all within 32000km2. And Spain is even more remarkable at this, ranging from desert to high mountain passing by central plateau, mediterranean and atlantic forest. It is in fact an amazing range to have within a pretty small country. The problem in Europe is that it is all very densely populated, bt I guess that also has it’s advantages (everything within walking distance in all cities and most villages).

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