I did this cloissone today, 3,5 x 2,8 cm, copper thread over copper, transparent and opal enamels, the violet is matte, the yellow center is a “wax drop”, that is, has some rounded volume, you can see that in the second picture.

I don’t have jewellery tools, I can’t afford them at the moment (apart that I don’t really know where I would fit them if I could) and I don’t even know where to get them or even the silver here. So I can’t do my own settings.

So yesterday I got some Fimo (this is polymer clay) and started making tests with it so I can do my own, even if simple, settings. I did one for this piece, and I covered it with golden foil, but the result looks like a Parrish Relics rip-off. I am not even gonna post a picture of it, and instead of selling it it will just be a present (if she wants it) for a friend that wanted a violet.

But I still want to do my own settings, so I think that I am just gonna get some black fimo and do the simplest setting possible, just a black line around the enamel.

I was thinking of offering these for sale, but I don’t know if anyone would be interested. Perhaps the bpal fans would want a pendant with their favourite flower (I guess other stuff could be made too, but I still have to think how on earth to depict ambergris…)

23 thoughts on “Violet

    1. Yes it is for you Marie :)

      Can you give me an email address where I can send the picture of it finished? You have to be honest and tell me if you like it, if you don’t I can do another or try to remove the polymer clay. Pim says that this golden thing I did doesn’t fit the enamel, and I am not so fond of it either…

  1. I think that is a really good idea to offer a choice of flowers, but do you have an idea of how we could put it on a necklace if we dont have a frame like mine? I ask that, in case of gift commission…

  2. After looking at the Parrish Relics site it looks like that could be a very attractive way to present enamels. Not that a person would want to do it exactly like theirs but it could be a very creative way to make a setting. I never thought of fimo clay before as a setting material for enamel and it should end up being pretty protective and “cushiony”!

    Your new cloisonné flower enamels are lovely.

    1. I love the work of Jennifer :)

      Yes, I think I may just do them with black Fimo in the more neutral way possible, to accentuate the enamel. It is the best possibility I have now, since at this moment I can’t afford to order settings for them unless someone wants to pay for that in advance.

      Glad you like them!

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