Sawing some champlevés

I had these pieces painted in a sheet of copper for ages, and I mean ages. I don’t know how many years. They are a series of pre-historic vases.

I did one like these many years ago that I enamelled with a very thin layer of white and burnt it, to greens and reds. It was so very cool and I sold it immediately (I dunno if I have any picture in paper anywhere). I think my intention was to do the same with this series, so this way it wouldn’t strictly be champlevé. We will see. Maybe I can do a mix.

So far, today I sawed them out and painted backs and borders, and retouched the fronts. I broke two sawettes, which I guess is not so bad considering I didn’t touch the saw for years (except one of these I sawed a few weeks ago, breaking no sawettes). Pim took a picture of me sawing:

Well, the varnish is a bit of a pain in the ass especially for the edges, but now I think they are done, they are drying. I am gonna try to use the ferric chloride I brough form Spain, I hope it is still in good condition, I dunno if this one goes bad. I have to prepare somewhere to put them so that it won’t stain anything, and a way to keep them upside down but not touching the bottom. In the past I have tried to tape pieces of wood to the edges (almost no edges now so difficult) or taping cork to the back, which also didn’t work so well. This is always a pain in the ass. I’ll see what I can do.

I also have two of the circles for cufflink samples, one for etching with nitric acid though, since I want a basse-taille. That one shouldn’t be a problem.

Pic of the vases, right after sawing them off:

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