Pink Iris

3 x 4,5 cm copper cloissoné enamel over copper. Leveled surface. Transparent and opal enamels. More likely to be a pendant.

It is not any real species of Iris, but a mix of shapes and colors following my idea. It came out a bit darker than intended, but perhaps this way it makes a better contrast with the white background.

Edit: It is sold, it will be a pendant.

11 thoughts on “Pink Iris

          1. Mer, in case if you’re making this violet, in case if it pleases yet you’re okay to sell it, will you please contact me for this? I would really like to have one of your creations :)

  1. Not a real IRIS

    It really doesn’t matter if it is a real specie of iris or not, I would gladly buy this one. It is beautiful!

    Cheri G.

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