I have started to do palettes a couple of times in past years but never really got past 3 or 4 of them. In a way that was better since I am not happy with the previous layouts.

I have decided it is time to do palettes, since I now have a good collection of colors that I don’t see growing much (maybe except for opaques, that I don’t have many and I would like to have Thompson). I have come up with 4 different layouts, for opaque, transparent, opal and flux (not sure of flux as of yet, but it will be different from transparent).

This is the layout for transparent. It features the color direct over copper (one and two layers), over white opaque (one and two layers), over white opal (one and two layers), over copper flux (one and two layers), over gold foil (one and two layers), and over silver foil (one layer direct and another over silver flux). These palettes are 2,2 x 3,7cm.

The base colors will be, flux: Blythe C-2, white: Soyer 148, opal: Blythe T-8 and silver flux: Soyer 3.

The opaque palette is a simple square of about 2,2×2,2 cm, just featuring one and two layers direct over copper.

The opal palettes feature the color direct over copper (one, two, three and four layers), over copper flux (one, two, three and four layers), over gold foil (one, two, three and four layers), and over silver foil (one, two, three and four layers; with silver flux between the opal and the silver in the places where there are 2 and 3 layers). First layer will be flux, except the part for direct opal, then apply the foil, then the first layer of opal direct and the silver flux (I will have to see if this is too much for the opal since the flux is hard) and then the rest of opal layers.

These palettes might be a bit complicated, but if I am gonna do them I am gonna do them right, and all these are in my experience necessary to know how a specific color reacts over different bases.

I have a shitload of colors though (107 colors in total) so I am gonna do them in batches. All of the Barba colors are gonna wait til the end, since they are from dubious procedence and who knows in what state they are, if they are mislabeled etc. Other I do not have enough amount to justify a palette, and they are discontinued or a piece of crap (some Diago…) so no palette for those. And I do not have enough coppers for all of them. Must get more in Barcelona.

I will start by the transparents (there are 48 of these to do, not counting Barba), then opal (9, not counting Barba and Diago), then opaque (18), then flux (5).

I have already marked all the copper I have for transparent and opal, and left 5 unmarked for flux. Mino tried to help:

Right now I have started cleaning colors for the first batch of transparents, which will be the Blythe ones, just because they are my favorites :P

These are 16 colors. 421, 1551, 3050, 3051, 3100, 3106, A-14, A-21, A-3, K-19, M-5, N-14, R-10, V-17, V-2 and V-3. Several of these are discontinued.

I have also made inventory of all the colors and amounts I have in an Excel file. I already had the list made, did that before moving, just updated a few things that were missing and the vitris.

I also did a photoshop scheme of the transparent palette. I have to do the others, and think about the flux ones.

Back to cleaning…

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