First layers of Vases I

I have been losing my sight in this today:

This will be a set of earrings and necklace. The earrings are pretty tiny, but I got carried away and painted a sphynx in one of them. They are an Alabastron (earring, long bottle), a Pyxis (earring, little box) and an Arybalos (pendant), them all were used to contain perfumed oils and pomades, perhaps trinkets in the Pyxis. Hopefully I will finish them tomorrow.

We are gonna watch a movie now I think.


Layer 6 & 7 // Finished enamelling // Click picture to enlarge.

Layers 1-2

Layers 3-4

Layer 5

Size comparison // Color accurate

11 thoughts on “First layers of Vases I

    1. Thank you!
      Still, I don’t use my magnyfier lamp, I can’t get used to it, but I know I should. They are still not finished though, I will add more detail.

      It is just a matter of practice. See, I am giving a try at making a latex dress now and I am going wonkers ;D

  1. Those are absolutely amazing!!! Polo and myself just sat here looking at them in wonderment. The details and shadig on pieces that are so tiny are sensational!

    Incredible work, talented lady! :)

          1. hmm… I don’t get dizzy without contacts but I think after a while of not wearing them, I get migraines. Your grade’s probably not as high as mine but it must be tiresome just the same when you’re not wearing glasses.

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