Enamelling today

I didn’t do as much as I wanted, but I had to do paperwork and some shopping today (you know, not only the socks ;P) so there wasn’t much time left, plus I was tired, for some reason. I fnished the Vases I and started two other pieces. One has just one layer and looks crappy for now, but it is not gonna be a very elaborate/detailed piece anyway, it is a quite simple concept with simple lines: The Weighing of the Heart, you can see layer 1 here. Part of the “charm” will be the setting I think. The other is Chronos IV / Poppy, and so far I am not very happy with the results, I might scratch off what I did so far, three layers, see layer 3 here. the picture is not very color accurate.

And the finished vases, click on the pic to see more detail in a bigger picture. These are finished, but the color is also not accurate in this picture. The pic with more color accuracy is the comparison pic with my fingers that you can see in a previous post.

Layer 6 & 7

I shouldn’t show things several times bigger than they are in reality :P

I think I’m off to bed.

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