Champlevés, today and yesterday

Yesterday I was too tired to start the computer to update, so I will do today.

Yesterday I tried a few things, and some I didn’t like so to the hydrofluoric they went. So yesterday in fact I only finished one piece of the 7, but I had other 2 halfways.

First the pic so I can write down what I did to each in order. The picture is pretty bad but it is dark now so tomorrow I will have to take a better one.

First from the left has 41 Red Soyer on the champs. It became quite dark and I didn’t like it much as it was, so I gave a layer of C2 Flux Blythe to it all (also back, it is the only one I counter-enamelled) without previously cleaning the copper, to get this rusted effect. I kind of like it now, I have to decide if I keep it like this or redo it.

Second has a first layer of 3 green/yellow Schauer, and another layer, faded towards the center of R-10 Olive Blythe. The copper is just brass-brushed.

Third and last (last I don’t like so much so I will consider to repeat) have a very very thin layer of very very thin opaque white, overfired to achieve these burnt reds and greens. Brass-brushed backs.

4th has two thin layers of 17 yellow Soyer. I love the unexpected orange patina, it blends in too much with the color I used, but I cannot bring myself to remove it. I should also protect it but I don’t know how, I don’t think I brough the metal lacquer from Spain.

5th has two layers of 28 golden Soyer. I brass.brushed it and then darkened the copper in the kiln. The back is also black.

6th has two layers of 25 blue Soyer. I brass-brushed it very lightly to keep the red, yellow and blue patina.

I should find round satin cord in matching colors and make copper wire closures for these, then I think they go for sale, at least most of them.

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