Ceps (Boletus Edulis)

I have been enamelling this 10×10 piece for an exhibition my teacher is organizing in Limoges, which is called “Visions de Catalunya”, so it had to do something to do with Catalonia, but quite freely. I choose mushrooms because mushroom hunting is the national sport in my opinion, and this kind is especially valued.

The size had to be 10×10 and the fixed price will be 100€ for all. After participation fees and gallery % there is not much left, so I didn’t put much time into this, which is evident I think :S

Anyway, much of the texture is lost in the picture, as usual.

Anyway, that is it I think. I may add some onglaze details, though. And perhaps darken the background.

This is the first time I have used opal enamels over pale opaques. It can give interesting results, I will try it again in the future.

Off to my in laws now.

13 thoughts on “Ceps (Boletus Edulis)

  1. oh this is a great piece!
    I used to live in Limoges when I was a little girl, Limoges is the capital of Porcelain making and has a nice Museum about this matter. And on Sundays, my family and I used to go to the country, walk into forests where we used to hunt mushrooms too, especially ceps which grow a lot in this country. There are lots of mushroom hunters there aswell. Funny how things relate. :)

    1. Really? :) My teachers organize trips there regularly, but I could never go. It was also the capital of enamelling from the middle ages, but now due to professional secrecy it is a bit lost. A boy from there had to come to Barcelona many years ago to be taught by my teachers, because nobody in Limoges would since he was not family of enamellers. Now he has a gallery there and that is where the exhibition will be :)

      Heh, I didn’t know that :) They are also called the same way?

      1. I didn’t know about the enamelling past of Limoges…

        Yes, ceps are called “cèpes” in French, a cep: un cèpe.
        My mother used to bring them home, cut them in thing slices, make garlands of them and let them dry in the kitchen. It smelled good.

  2. I like it!

    And using opals over opaques… interesting. Because there’s an opal I really want to use in a winter-themed piece, but it’ll be on silver and I don’t want it mustardy in the background… :)

    1. Yes it shows better than I thoguht (for real, in the picture not so much). I used T-8. Did you receive the enamel package? I am a bit worried I think it should be there…

      Well, glad you like it :)

      1. I don’t have it, but J might have picked it up today. He stops by the post office on his way to work, so if it arrived Friday or Sat. we wouldn’t pick it up till today. I’ll let you know- I worry about packages, too!

    1. Yes I enamelled the silouette of the mushrooms leaving the rest of the copper bare until I almost finished them, then I added dark transparents to the background without cleaning it with acid. I wanted a darker background, and it is still too pale, so I think I will add more layers. But I don’t have a very dark brown… I am gonna have to use graphite.

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