I’m writing this as some pieces are fired in the kiln.

I feel a bit better today so I’m doing a few things, but taking it easy.

Whenever (except summer :P) I’m working at my desk, Mino comes under the lamp to get warm :>

The pieces are out and ready to start painting on glaze colors on them :>

It’s an ivory opaque color, not this yellow thing showing here.

2 thoughts on “Workshop

  1. how cute!
    My cat Athena always tries to crawl from my lap to my desk under the many lamps, but my desk is way too crammed with stuff to have that work out for either of us~!

    Hope you share the next stage with us, the shapes are lovely.

    1. Yeah I will, I’m taking pictures of the process :)

      My desk is full of stuff too, but Mino takes 5 minutes to get to his favorite spot, tying not to throw anything. Not that he cares, when I’m not looking, he starts throwing things to the ground…

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