Work in progress – Mistletoe plate 16cm / 6,2″ (1)

Somewhat technical entry crossposted to fire_enamel

Cloissoné enamel over copper. 0,6 mm copper, 3m flat copper wire.

It’s still not finished at all.

Starting to shape the wire, appliying it over the plate that has already a couple of layers of a very opaque opale white, applied with sifter.

My cat always comes to the warmth of the lightbulb.

Applying cloissoné wire.

All wire applied, I used 3m of it.

Fixing wire.

Out of the oven, copper oxid comes out.

After cleaning, applying first layer of color.

Raw applied color closeup.

Just fired, red out of the kiln.

Cold, finished first color layer.

Side view.

First color layer, closeup.

That’s all for today :)

6 thoughts on “Work in progress – Mistletoe plate 16cm / 6,2″ (1)

  1. Hello Mer,
    A while back, I updated my friends list, and saw that you added me, so I added you back.
    Anyway, I just read your bio after I saw your recent project on my friends list. It is spectacular…I really love the “movement”. It’s rather reminiscent of the art noveau style I love so much.
    I’m generally post shy, and don’t commumicate much with the communities I belong to. And although my interest list doesn’t reflect much, we have much in common. I have so many interests, most mastered, that I too find it hard to find hours in a day to do all I want. I hoard all kinds of metals, objects, and what-not, because I find them interesting, beautiful/will use them *one day*. LOL. Yes, I’m rambling, I’m sorry. I have to admit that you’ve inspired me. I make corsets for band members, alternative models, and others in the fetish/music industry, and I’ve been banging around an idea of a metal plated corset for “someone”. Not the average, run of the mill plated corset like David Spain. Something unique, different, and definately pretty. Are you open for commission work? I have yet to go to your website, and that may answer *all* my questions(I’ll go there next) Anyway, what types of materials do you work with? What maximum dimensions can you produce? I’m looking for embellishment pieces in various sizes, some flat, some concave, some convex. Looking to be able to sew them on or attach chain. I’m being very general, as I don’t make my “special corsets for special people” public. Going to your website now. If you’re interested email me! zgremlin at comcast dot net

    1. Hhm, in my site you’ll find only photo manipulations :)

      I also like so much art noveau, it’snice that it shows up :D

      I added you because of the corsets, I don’t exactly remember but I probably seen your work in a community and added you.

      About using metallic parts in a corset, hmh, that can be difficult. If you are thinking enamelled, or they are very little parts (say 4x4cm max) or better forget about it, minimum bend and everything will shatter. The base metals for enamel (copper, silver) aren’t hard enough for this. Steel can be enamelled, but this is more an industrial process and not available to me.
      I can do up to 20×25 cm, but as I said no pressure at all can be put in it, that’s meant for framed pieces. Apart that if the person bumps into something it would shatter too. The more little the pieces the more resistent and durable they would be, but in any case it’s glass…

      If you thought about just metal, I probably could do some things, but I had to sell good part of my metal smithing workshop in a bad economic moment, so I’m not the most indicated person to do this.

      If you are thinking about not so big embellishments to sew on, that sure can be done :) I had in mind to do some grisailles to attach to corsets too :)

      There is a bit more of my work in , not much really.

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