24 thoughts on “Skull finished

  1. :) beautiful even if I’m not a fan of skull around my neck :) I will send you the picture tomorrow (I hope, was to busy to search into my books, check my LJ another corset made…I want to sleep.

    1. I just saw it, it’s so beautiful :D I love ivory and the color of the ribbon too :) damn I want a corset from you so badly xD

      You didn’t tell me if you wanted it included into my collection. Perhaps I should explain a bit more. It doesn’t mean that there will be reproductions, this collection is all about unique artistic pieces. This Skull is the first of the serie and I won’t sell it, hehe.

      I would really like to include your corset pendant into it, tell me if you want to :)
      I have been talking to the jeweller and there are options to make it antiqued gold. It can be either silver with a patina (that we still have to find) or silver with a gold “bath” and antiqued finish. I can try this first with a piece I have (that blue one) and then you can see how it looks :)

  2. Oye, tienes catalogo o algo asi? (no me mandes a ebay, plis!)
    Es q me interesan algunas piezas tuyas y me gustaria ver mas y pedirte cosas, si puede ser y tal.

    Gran trabajo.

    1. Hmh, pues te mando a ebay, jeje, ahi pudes ver las fotos, más que nada. Y te lo puedo hacer en el color que quieras a precio fijo, etc.

      Tengo en una entrada un poco más atrás un montón de joyería así tipo pentagramas y tal, sólo me queda lo que hay en la foto.

      Y las piezas de esmalte que estoy haciendo ahora, como la calavera, que es la primera, ésas son para una colección que estoy haciendo que irá en esta página: http://www.senescent.net
      Pero esto ya estará en otro rango de precios.

  3. oh.my.god

    this is one of the most wonderfully creative and executed piece of jewelry i’ve seen in quite some time. it’s so delicate and yet so strong! i love it.

    congratulations on the great work!

    sweet dreams,


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