New colors

I put the new colors in jars. I like to have them tidy, not in crappy bags or random jars.

I think I still should get some more enamel before leaving, basic flux, opaque white and white opal… sigh so much money.

I have them sorted by color. I will have a lot of work for empty days, if only by doing color palettes for all the colors I have.

8 thoughts on “New colors

    1. I want to work, I have ideas, and many started things; but I don’t think I’ll be doing anything before moving.
      First it is way too hot for a 900º kiln. Then, I have no vacations this year, I have to plan everything for moving, it’s only two months left, and I’m also probably going to work a bit more for an external workshop to get a bit more extra money. So I very much doubt it.

        1. I work 37,5 h per week. It is a very tiring work because it is detail work and your neck and eyes are in tension all the time.
          I will just look for any kind of job when I’m with Pim, I don’t think I can find a good job not knowing the language…

          Yes my boss knows I’m leaving, I told him a year ago, and they already know I finish the 16th september.

  1. Ets tú la del teu icon? Si és que no i simplement és una random picture voldria demanar-te permís per utilitzala. Si ets tú, no passa res. En eixe cas només deixa’m dir-te que ets mega bonica ;)

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