23 thoughts on “L’escarpolette’s pendant, first layer, outlines

    1. Thank you :D

      No, Joyce wants a simple frame with this. I think that it will look nice too. I’m gonna try to find an antiqued brown finish for silver as she wants.

      I don’t think I can live off this in a million years. Takes so much time, add the jeweller’s work, the results are a bit expensive then. It is not easy to find people that can appreciate this. Most people don’t even know what enamel is, hehe.

      I’m gonna continue anyway, just because I like it, I have many ideas (little time) :)

            1. The one with the pink cabochon or that green and purple thing? That one was a bit ugly hahaha. Well they say it’s the gesture that counts. I hope so xD

              About the ivory- pink. Bad thing about it is that it’s so light and that gets dirty. It can be easily handwashed with very mild soap though, and let dry flat :)
              I will send it tomorrow.

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