Today I did this:

Moebius Strip

3×2 cm is my guess ;P

First layer before firing
You can see the difference in thickness
Guide drawing
White pencil over black paper
The shine is plastic overlay ;P

Grisaille is a technique in which you work volumes up by using only a translucent opalescent color (usually white) over a dark transparent or opaque base. You achieve this by doing thinner or thicker layers. This piece has two layers of white opalescent enamel (shows bluish because of the base) over a deep blue transparent color. Then it has some touches of on glaze white to highlight some lines, this layer is very subtle.

17 thoughts on “Grisaille

        1. It is 8ish depending from where you look at it :)

          Imagine drawing a line along one side of my drawing. You’ll soon arrive to the same point. That’s a Moebius stripe :D

  1. why am i not doing this cool stuff you do??!!!
    i gotta try this enameling stuff.

    can you recommend any way to start?

    i guess i’d have to look for classes or something.

    i’ve used pmc before and i’ve made glass beads…
    but i really like the stuff you make.

    very nice!

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