Exhibition pictures.

Some pictures from the exhibition yesterday.

As everybody at work came from the same school, our bosses agreed to lend some Masriera and Bagués pieces to the exhibition:



With my teacher Andreu.

Venus de la lligacama

My favorite piece of my teacher. Beautiful beautiful. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It has amazing detail. Golden curly swirly pussy hairs, hehe.

Now I have to say it. This was the file 6969.JPG of my camera. Hahaha.

Again me with bedroom eyes next to the pendant.

And most of my coworkers, also former workers there.

Later on we had dinner but I don’t have any decent picture of that. I was too busy eating ;P

25 thoughts on “Exhibition pictures.

    1. Hehe, see that bracelet costs 6000€, and the Bagués pieces are cheaper…

      You mean the frog ring? I like it very much, but it doesn’t show at all in the pic. It is a bit difficult but I like to make it :)

      And thanks :D

      1. Sorry yes the one with frog sure, but I do not like very much precious rocks, this make “too much”, I dont like too precious thing, I dont feel Im meritant for it, and do not have any occasion to wear it, and it is too dangerous to wear that in town.

          1. Will you do something with your new tools? do you have something in mind? I have so many questions sorry, I’m lacking of vocabulary. I suppose you are able to do yourself a piece like masriera? So if I have something to submit, will you agree in the future to do it, if I let you make somthing in your style, or it is too complicated to make all the steps yourself (I mean maybe you don’t have the material and it is expensive)?

            1. I have things in mind, the problem with me is always time. I have tools to do things with wax. But I don’t know how long or how many hours it will take. We’ll see, I always post too many pictures ;)

  1. wow

    you look gorgeous :)

    i looooove this

    and your necklace looks fantastic. :)

    what is that fist picture? did you enamel that cover?

    “Golden curly swirly pussy hairs, hehe”
    i read this before looking at the picture and was thinking “what is she talking about!!??
    his piece IS really nice.

    what talent.
    i’m jealous.


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